The Farm

The farm provides 60 acres of educational space at Foxcroft Farm in Leicester and supports the routine and structure that many youth are lacking. It provides opportunities to learn consistency, develop roles and responsibility, demonstrates how effort can make a great difference in outcomes and has unlimited resources for learning about life. Livestock help youth to become reliable, responsible and learn to trust. The seasons offer challenges to a basic routine and exposure to the benefits and hardships of living in Vermont.


The farm also supports products, work ethic, and the development of leadership skills and civic responsibility through community service projects. The Harvest Program integrates the diversity of agriculture in daily activities and service learning. Harvest participants raise vegetables and fresh eggs for senior citizens, provide educational farm tours for grade school children and raise pigs, beef and pumpkins as a business to support their service activities. Through the farm and its resources, the Harvest Program students are actively engaged in their education and are making meaningful contributions to the lives of many in their community throughout the year.