Foxcroft Farm Harvest Program provides educational activities that offer its participants the opportunity to recognize their strengths, develop self worth and discover a sense of purpose while taking a meaningful role in their community. Located on Foxcroft Farm in Leicester and serving both Addison and Rutland Counties, the Harvest Program utilizes the farm’s agricultural resources to support the educational and personal development needs of its participating youth, as well as a diverse range of local community needs.



Harvest’s “Growing to Know” provides hands-on educational enrichment opportunities for PreK -6th grade students through special project-based sessions and field trips during the school day and after school.


Harvest’s “Growing Roots” provides intensive support for personal development for middle school students to help them to grow a sense of purpose, increase self esteem and improve social skills. Activities allow them to build on their strengths, engage in meaningful learning and take a positive role in their community.

“Growing to Volunteer” provides after school and summer sessions for middle school students to remain connected with the farm and to help to make their community a better place.

Harvest’s “Growing to Work” provides work readiness and job skill training to 9th-12th grade students during school, after school and in the summer. The goal is to develop and improve work skills that are critical to success in the workforce. Students help to support the farm needs and service activities, while also working as mentors for younger students.