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It has been a happy new year for Harvest.

We have received a multi-year grant from the Bowse Health Trust, a grant from the Hoehl Family Foundation and a gift from the Neshobe Sportsman Club that will all help to help us through our restructuring and work toward a Harvest that is both effective and sustainable. We are extremely grateful for their generosity and will continue to work hard to grow and strengthen our programming for our youth and our community.


November 24, 2013

Our Thanks

On behalf of Foxcroft Farm Harvest Program, I would like to say a whole-hearted thank you to all that have helped Harvest to grow and remain rooted in our community. It has been through the support and generosity of our donors, volunteers and community partners that we are able to continue to provide meaningful educational opportunities to our local youth. We are operating this year through grants and contributions, including a major grant from The Canaday Family Charitable Trust, United Way support, farm revenue, and funding support toward after school services through Neshobe and OV SOAR from their 21st Century grants.

Harvest is currently serving five high school students daily in work readiness training, forty-two 5th-8th graders weekly in after school sessions for project-based learning and 13 PreK/K every other week in a morning session for hands-on learning activities. All that are participating are actively engaged in educational activities and making positive connections to their community. They want to attend, they want to learn and they want to help to contribute.

We will soon provide partial school day sessions to 9th-11th graders for vocational education and are working to increase access to the farm for classes to support special projects, seasonally or continually on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Harvest is also working toward helping to establish and support local school gardens with our Growing to Work high school students that attend throughout the year, including seven weeks in the summer.

As we reflect on the last year and the challenges we have worked through toward growing a sustainable Harvest, we can appreciate that we continue to move forward, due to the generosity and support of many.

We are truly fortunate and we have much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Anne Young, Executive Director

Hearts grow at Harvest.

We are Knee Deep In Learning and Rooted In Our Community.


Growing To Work Summer News:

The following is a combined effort written by several students in our “Growing to Work” summer session. I had asked them to put together a combination of our newsletter and their perspectives on their experience at Harvest. Our summer has been busy and I am impressed with the efforts of these youth, as it has been consistent throughout the heat, the showers and the bugs. It is our goal to have several 16 year olds ready for positions in the local workforce next summer. On behalf of Foxcroft Farm Harvest Program, I want to thank all of our supporters for helping to make all of the growing happen at Harvest.

Anne Young, Executive Director

Harvest Happenings       July 19, 2013

We’ve reached our half way point to our summer!! The summer session at Harvest has a goal of helping 14-15 year olds grow to become efficient workers. We’ve started a new summer here at the farm with not only 13 students growing to be young adults but 13 students working towards new goals. There are 6 returnees and 7 new program members, all working hard and growing every day. We have built fences for the new turkeys, cleaned pig pens, prepared lunches and baked snacks, built chairs and tables, made our corn maze and worked in the gardens. We also made a float with our friends at Leicester School for the Brandon Parade. We won the Best Community Spirit Award for our float.

Bryton: “The farm gives me something worthwhile to do during the summer months. If I did not have this job I would be at home playing video games all day. This week I’ve been building a picnic table for the Brandon auction.”

Dylan: “My job to me means that it is like my second home and I just love the farm. It’s so fun and there’s never a dull moment here. I love all the animals here too. It’s the best place in the world. Billy, the little lamb, is the best one of all the animals. And also I think it is so nice of Mr. and Mrs. Young for excepting me to this job I think farming is the best job in the whole entire world because I love this job if I could I would stay here for my whole life.”

Brittney: “The farm puts me to work during the summer. We help the community with many different things, such as delivering veggies and eggs to the seniors. We all have the chance to work together and independently. We also get a chance to work with the animals.”

Aron: “The farm is a place that keeps me busy over the summer. It is also a job that pays well.”

Rylie: “We have been helping the community by doing things to help others to raise money, growing gardens and giving vegetables to seniors. We are learning how cook better, clean the animal’s pens and feed them the right amount.”

Tyler and Trevor: “Our summer job has brought us many new opportunities from being able to cook, clean, and caring for animals. We have also been helping others stay focused, including ourselves.”

Mercedez: “We do all sorts of different things, whether it is working with animals, gardening, or woodworking. Our community service reaches all ages, from working with young kids on tours to delivering seniors eggs, donating pigs, turkeys, and gift baskets. We do it all out of the generosity we have. Mrs. Young has brought inspiration to many. This summer program is for students between ages 14-15. It’s to help develop job skills and give each student a chance to understand what they need to do to act responsible and reliable on an everyday job worksite. This summer I’ve had to work hard to achieve my goals and stay focused on our job tasks. My main goal this summer was to become more responsible.”

We wanted to make a few big thank you’s to: Vermont Department of Labor, United Way and The Canaday Family Charitable Trust for making our summer jobs possible, Lawes Ag. for their help with planting our corn field and fertilizer for our pumpkins and senior garden, Brandon Lumber for the wood and paint discount to making our parade float possible, also the Leicester Central School Summer Program for the help on painting our float and walking with us during the parade, Cabot for the donation of cheese to pass out, G.E Employees fund for their donation………..and finally a thank you to Blue Seal for not only their patience with us when we were buying our boots but also for their discount on peat pots.