December 1, 2013

Dear Friends,

Every child deserves to experience success.

Each year we are challenged to develop solutions to sustainable programming, as school budgets become tighter and more directed toward academic standards and achievement. What about the development of character, of work ethic and  practical skills? What about those that will excel in a trade, though won’t have the opportunity to discover that interest or strength until 10th or 11th grade, when access to vocational school is offered- if they make it successfully until then? How can we in good conscience, expect these youth to grow and to thrive as they struggle through educational experiences that have no relevance or meaning to them?

We have expanded Harvest to include sessions for youth from PreK/K through high school, providing hands-on and service activities that support their education, that connect them to each other and to their community. Our most intensive services support middle and high school students in their most challenging years, providing relevance to their academic subjects while growing their social and work skills that will help them throughout life. We need to invest more in this population, as the most recent findings of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey for RNESU show that many of our local youth are struggling to make healthy choices, and many greatly need a connection to caring adults and to feel valued in their community:

ŸOnly 32% of 7th&8th graders and 27% of 9th-12th graders are physically active 7 days a week, though at least 60 minutes each day is recommended.

22% of 7th&8th graders report that they spend 3 or more hours each day watching TV, playing video or computer games, or use a computer for something other than school. That rate increases to 45% of 11th graders.

Only about half of youth in grades 7-12 feel like they matter to people in their community.

Just 45% of 7th-12th graders feel like teachers really care and give them encouragement.

Sow, grow, reap and share. At Harvest, we sow the seeds of opportunity that help youth to grow their strengths and interests, reap their best efforts and share what they produce with their community. Our practice is natural, meaningful and effective. Our Harvest is growing and we need your help to sustain it. Your contribution will help us to sustain our growing Harvest for our youth and our community: 97% of every dollar is used for direct services to youth; 18% is given back into our local community through product and service. To learn more: please call, email or stop in to visit and see first-hand what your investment will help to support. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this request..


Anne Young, Executive Director

All contributions are tax deductible and are guaranteed to make good things happen: for our kids and their community.


Foxcroft Farm Harvest Program is a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization and participating member agency of both United Way of Rutland and Addison Counties.